How to Improve Heart Health with Exercise

How to Improve Your Heart Health

February is Heart Month and it’s a great time to learn about the risks of heart disease and how to improve cardiovascular health. As the leading cause of death among men & women, in the US and worldwide, it’s certainly a topic worth reading about.

There are so many ways we can bring a little more happiness to our heart. Qualities that increase coherence in our heart rhythms are – appreciation, gratitude, care and compassion. These qualities encourage communication between the heart and the brain which is a relationship that needs to be nurtured. Joy and contentment gives rise to coherent heart rhythms, and the human heart rhythms synchronize to the earth’s resonant frequency which is 1 Hz.  
Rollin McCraty Ph.D., a founder of the HeartMath Institute says that, “the biggest hidden source of stress on the planet is the disorganization of heart/mind, which causes lack of resonance. Lack of alignment eats the life force and happiness out of humanity.”

What are you doing to maintain a healthy & happy heart? You can’t control your genetics, environmental pollution and certain sources of stress. But you can control your diet, whether or not you smoke, your activity level and your supplementation—all of which can help you stave off heart disease.

To learn more, read Nature’s Sunshine’s article on how to strengthen and improve your cardiovascular health to help support a “happy heart”.

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