Relieving Stress For A Healthier You

Relieving Stress For A Healthier You

Hi everyone! Welcome to one of my first “blogs” on Wellness.

Many of you have asked me to create a monthly or bi-weekly email/ blog on Wellness and so here it is! I decided that the topic of “Stress” is a great place to start since we are rapidly approaching a new calendar year. 

Stress affects us daily. High levels of stress create dis-ease sooner or later. Managing stress is a necessity. Many of us have a routine or practice that helps us manage our stress levels–exercise, journaling, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, etc. We can also enhance these routines/practices by nurturing our bodies from the inside. An important way to accomplish this is by improving our diets. Ingesting herbs, and other high vibration foods can make a qualitative difference in mood, energy levels and stress management.

There are plants used by millions of people over many millennia which can assist and strengthen the nervous system. These plants assist the body in “its ability to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease levels of anxiety and stress, and enhance sleep.” 

Visit Nature Sunshine’s an article that addresses the topic of “Stress” in more detail. If you are interested in becoming a calmer, more focused and vibrant individual, do contact me. Happy New Year and Happy New You! 

Much Health & Happiness,

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